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Buy your show quality market lambs here! Not looking for a typical lamb? Want something unique and special? Check out our Miniature Southdown Babydoll Sheep or our rare Gotland Sheep! 



Love alpacas? Well here is your opportunity to own some! We breed for quality silver grey, rose grey, black and pattern huacaya alpacas. Our main focus is to have happy and healthy show quality alpacas! Our alpacas are very used to people, other animals, and the majority are halter trained.

lady 2020 .jpg

Little Lady, Our Ranch Horse!

stuart little and bysen.jpg

Gotland Ram Lamb (black) and Babydoll Ram Lamb (white)!

Felice's girl and Kat.JPG
Patron oro and Kat.JPG
Bouzos Farms' Patron Oro!

Felice's Girl!

breeding girls getting a bath.JPG

Some of our girls getting a bath!

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