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Here at Bouzos Farms we offer rare exotic sheep as well as typical your everyday breeds. We are excited to introduce you to our rare Gotland sheep and Southdown Babydolls! If you are looking for market lambs or a good lamb for dinner, we also have Suffolk/Hampshire crosses. Please check out the rest of this page for more details!

Miniature Southdown Babydoll Sheep

 Southdown Babydoll sheep are one of the only recognized miniature sheep breeds in the world! These sheep have short little legs that prevent them from climbing fencing and reeking havoc on your trees. This feature also makes them amazing natural lawn mowers! With  adorable"teddy bear" faces, smiles, and convenient sizes, they are the best type of sheep for new owners or for smaller pastures. Babydolls are generally used for fiber production, showing, meat, and natural orchard maintenance. Our herd consists of both white and black Babydolls. All our sheep are registered with NABSSAR and scrapie free.

At this time, we do not have any Southdown Babydolls for sale. Please contact us to join our waiting list!

Babydoll herd image 1.jpg
Some of our Babydolls in Summer 2019
Stuart little 3.JPG
Stuart Little, Rhea's wether lamb 2020
Molly and spring 2020 ram lamb.jpg
Molly and Bubba her 2020 lamb
Rhea and buttercup.jpg
Babydoll ewes Rhea and Buttercup
Lavendar 2020 Calina babydoll. ewe.jpg
Calina's daughter Lavender Spring 2020
Melody's Spring 2020 ram lamb.jpg
Melody's 2020 lamb, Butler

Gotland Sheep

Gotland Sheep are a medium size lamb designed for yard maintenance, fiber production and meat. These sheep are rare in the United States and originated from Gotland, Sweden. They are naturally very curious and friendly sheep!  While they are very hardy, their main attraction is their unique wool which grows in tight curls. Beautiful, head turning, and unique sheep that you will find nowhere else! Perfect for wool spinners or showmen looking for something special in the ring! All our sheep are registered and scrapie free. 

Bysen pic 2.jpg

Gotland Lamb Spring 2020

Ewe lamb 2020 Gotland.jpg

 Spring 2020 Gotland ewe lamb Brielle

Harley, Gotland Ram lamb Spring 2020

Gotland herd fall 2019 .JPG
Some of our Gotland Herd in Fall 2019
Gotland ewe with lamb sitting on her 202
Gotland ewe with her spring 2020 lamb climbing on her
donut and waffles.jpg

Gotland Twin Ram Lambs Donut and Waffles Spring 2020

We Currently have high percentage Gotland lambs for sale!

We currently have 5 wethers  and 5 ewe lambs up for discussion. Ewes are $800 and wethers are $600. All lambs will be registered, socialized and vaccinated before going to their new homes. Please contact us for more information on these adorable, unique lambs!

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