Our Alpacas

Epic Alpacas Silver Dawn

Sire: Morning Star's Don Diego ARI#30493339
Dam: Heatherbrook's Silver Dancer ARI#31030854
Date of Birth: May 16, 2016
Color: Medium Silver Grey
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: pregnant due early October 2020
Service Sire: Enchanted Hill LuTau AOA# 35262589 

Silver Dawn is so fun! She never really grew out of her baby personality resulting in a super energetic, wild adult. Always providing a good laugh for whoever encounters her. Medium size body build, holds her head up high, with a beautiful color to match. Very friendly and curious  demeanor. One of our younger girls. Unproven.

Patagonia's Aura

Sire: Patagonia's the Sable AOA#30652248
Dam: Batina AOA# 818675
Date of Birth: June 14, 2010
Color: Medium Brown
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due January 2021 
Service Sire: Estates Silver Hawk AOA# 35117032 

Aura is a very pretty girl! Unique, fun facial markings. Loves to prance around with her tail up high! A pleasure to work with on a halter. A pedigree designed for top producing and Aura is the perfect example of that. She has had three awesome female crias. Proven.

Gemini Star Talitha

Sire: Silver Bullet ARI#832205
Dam: UBER's Chocolate Frost ARI#840100
Date of Birth: August 3, 2007
Color: Dark Silver Grey
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due June 2020
Service Sire: Epic Alpacas Methos ARI# 35244141

Talitha is a super unique beauty! White features paint her face and consistent, large, diverse colored spots cover the rest of her body. She also has super cute white socks on her back feet. Super large in stature and generally a dominant female in the herd. Nice long legs. Proven. 


Sire: Marlow S616 AOA ARI#825777
Dam: LV Shasta ARI#816443
Date of Birth: March 16, 2005
Color: Dark Fawn
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open/nursing 

Kambria is simply adorable! Super sweet personality and HUGE eyes that give her the most innocent look. A true crowd favorite. Perfect halter and handling behavior. On the smaller size in stature but still has good conformation. In summer 2019, she had a cute light fawn female cria. Proven.

Estates Angelina 

Sire: Dominio 58T AOA#32601367
Dam: R&RR Anatoya 060P AOA#1333237
Date of Birth: July 29, 2012
Color: True Black
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open 

Angelina is an elegant girl! Great posture and look to her. Coming from a bay black sire and a true black dam. Her genetics are from well known quality and fantastic producers. Angelina is no exception to this, having presented a true black female in 2015. Proven.

Estates Makalani

Sire: Snowmass Royal Knight AOA#30424777
Dam: Macayla AOA# 31339537
Date of Birth: July 12, 2014
Color: True Black
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: open

Makalani is a quality female! TRUE black, not a hint of brown in sight. Fantastic quality fleece, her EPD's coming in the top 15% in 2019. A classy young girl with a bright future in our  breeding program. In 2018 she a true black female cria. Proven.

Estates Calamity Jane

Sire: Patagonia's Enzo AOA#31691178
Dam: Patagonia's Cayenne AOA#2357295
Date of Birth: June 21, 2014
Color: Light Fawn
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: open

Calamity Jane is chic! Tall, long legged with fantastic posture. Larger build girl with a great head shape. Good genetics and fair fleece. A young girl with  great potential! Proven.

Estates Keiko Matsui

Sire: Snowmass Andean Midnight AOA# 30338708
Dam: Macayla AOA# 31339537 
Date of Birth: June 3, 2011
Color: True Black
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: open

Keiko is outstanding! Coming from a long line of champions and taking home several awards herself she is upscale. Her show days are behind her now as she has had a few crias who have all gone on to do great things. TRUE black girl with a medium size, stocky build. Correct head shape, fabulous look. Proven.

Patagonia's Zoey

Sire: Patagonia's Vittorio AOA#30868038
Dam: Patagonia's Sadzi AOA#30652415
Date of Birth: June 8, 2013
Color: Medium fawn, light fawn
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open 

Zoey is a real vocal girl! Loves to talk and follow you around. Easy to work with on a halter, a fun one to have on the farm. She has interesting colors, appearing light fawn in some areas and medium fawn in other parts of her fleece. Grey genetics from champion lines. We love her! Proven.

Estates Danza

Sire: Chief Grey Feather AOA#31825610
Dam: GB Alpaca's Dixie Chick AOA#1026566 
Date of Birth: December 8, 2013
Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open 

Danza is a beautiful unique girl! Interesting facial markings and four white socks. Her pedigree is fantastic and completely packed with grey genetics. Her fleece is outstanding, EPD's ranked in the top 10% in 2019. Danza had a pretty female cria in 2017.  Proven.

JVA Brenna Summer Solstice 

Sire: Xanadu P Thelonius AOA#840903
Dam: OVA Peruvian Ashlynn AOA#30528970
Date of Birth: June 22, 2013
Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open 

Brenna is an amazing producer! In 2017, she gave birth to a female cria who is one of my favorite alpacas ever. 2018, she gave birth another lovely female. Brenna is a special girl with a gentle personality and great EPDs. She will have a great future in our program! Proven.

Sire: La Buena Vida's Riyal Advantage ARI#30860049
Dam: La Buena Vida's Bouquet of Grey ARI#30359420
Date of Birth: March 2, 2011
Color: Dark Rose Grey
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due August 2020
Service Sire: Snowmass Matrix N Gold AOA# 32800364  

Oh Lady Rose! Where to begin? A classic rose grey female with perfect proportional body structure. Gorgeous tuxedo markings. Very unique pedigree. Just an awesome, reliable girl. Fabulous manners, awesome mom. Proven.

Lady Royal Rose Bouquet

CCR Sarafina

Sire: LV Vantaggio Di Bisturi ARI#30820869 
Dam: CCR's Pirata Reina ARI#30820869
Date of Birth: December 12, 2012 
Color: True Black
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due late October 2020
Service Sire: El Dorado Burning Man AOA# 32023213 

Sarafina is stylish and well behaved. She has the most perfect head shape paired with cute little ears. She is a real looker! Awesome pedigree. Straight legs, square hips, and great posture. We are super excited to have her on our farm! Proven.

Epic Alpacas Fleur Delacour 

Sire: Morning Star's Don Diego ARI#30493339
Dam: NCR's Fiona of Caledonia ARI#32736205
Date of Birth: October 24, 2015
Breeding Status: open
Color: Dark Rose Grey 
Gender: Female 

Fleur is awesome! She has a very unique white blaze on her face and two white socks on her front feet. Super straight legs, medium size alpaca, and great coverage. Super fun personality! Loves water! September 2019 she had a beautiful harlequin female cria. She is an amazing attentive mom with years of breeding ahead of her. Proven. 

Marathon's Princess Bala

Sire: El Emperador of Ays ARI#837228
Dam: Wynona of Ays ARI#837245
Date of Birth: June 26,2006
Color: Dark silver grey, True Black
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due May 2020
Service Sire: FTAF's Sebastian ARI# 32111347

Bala is a truly lovely girl! She has a beautiful variety of spots arranged all over her body. All though she is dark silver grey she sports small brown, white, grey, and black spots. LOVES water! She could play in it all day. Wonderful mother, very protective and provides plenty of milk. In fall 2018, she had a beautiful true black female cria; Billie Belle. Medium size in height, leaner body build. Proven. 

Epic Alpacas Valeria  

Sire: LondonDairy Ra 1 AOA#31790536
Dam: Valencia MW AOA#1067316
Date of Birth: November 3, 2014
Color: Medium Brown
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Pregnant due late August 2020
Service Sire: Epic Alpacas Methos ARI# 35244141

Valeria is darling! She has the most adorable huge brown eyes. She is a shorter girl with a good look to her. Buttery soft fleece with incredible brightness. Outstanding genetics, including grey on her maternal side. In 2017 and 2018 she gave birth to two grey girls. We cannot wait to see what she will produce for us! Proven.

Shangri-La's Felice 

Sire: FRA Silver Smoke AOA#30628816
Dam: Shangri-La's Rhapsody in Black  AOA#1190960
Date of Birth: July 28, 2012
Color: Medium Silver Grey
Gender: Female 
Breeding Status: Open 

Felice is enchanting! A classic grey girl from a grey sire and a true black dam. Gorgeous shimmering fleece and outstanding genetics. In 2017, she gave birth to a handsome true black male. Proven.

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