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AKC Great Pyrenees

king,  duchess and queen in the summer 2021.JPG

Duchess, King and Queen in Summer 2021

Our Pyrenees Story

Our story begins with a big threat from coyotes on our sheep and goat herds. After much research on different livestock guardian breeds we chose Great Pyrenees for their strength, potential aggression level, size,  and their gentle-giant nature towards their family members. To be honest, their adorable polar bear looks played a role as well!


We spent well over a year looking for the perfect dogs to guard our farm as finding quality breeders that produce quality and healthy dogs was difficult, to say the least. After growing our pack, we decided to breed for a limited amount of pups to provide to fellow farmers struggling to find exactly what we struggled to find. We are not large scale dog breeders and will have limited amount of litters and pups available moving forward as we take great pride and consideration towards the health and well being of all our dogs. 

 All our Great Pyrenees are registered with the American Kennel Club and from working livestock guardian AND show bloodlines. Our four Great Pyrenees are active livestock guardians to our sheep, goats, alpacas, horses, llamas, chickens, and ducks. Three of these amazing and beautiful dogs are actively a part of our breeding program.

duchess nov 2021.JPG

Duchess is pictured here smiling in October 2021. She is a sweetheart who loves cuddles and rides in the wheelbarrow. Her favorite livestock is our Gotland Sheep and can be found taking naps with them.  


We are so excited to announce that we are expecting our first litter in November 2021 from Duchess and King!

king 2021  nov.JPG
king 2021 nov 2 .JPG

King is our big lazy boy! He is pictured here sitting politely waiting for pets and laying down in October 2021. He is the laziest of all our dogs and absolutely loves naps. His favorite livestock is our  Southdown Babydolls, especially the lambs.


queen kissing the camera nov 2021.JPG

Queen is pictured here in October 2021 kissing the camera. She is our most active dog and loves to chase foreign cars and motorcycles. Her favorite livestock is alpacas.


For more information on our puppies, please contact us!


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